Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love Never Dies - Original Cast Recording

Ok, so I finally got my CD. And I've been listening to it like 10 times in the past days already! The music really grows on you - I couldn't capture everything when I watched the show for the first time, because it takes time to sink in and also to get familiar with the tunes. But now I can't get it out of my head! Especially songs I didn't really appreciate the first time, like "Once Upon Another Time" and "The Beauty Underneath" keep sticking in my mind now. There is an underlying melancholy that pervades the whole musical and is interrupted from time to time by the contrast of the squeaky, cheery Vaudeville songs. If the Phantom of the Opera was about falling in love for the first time for all its 3 major characters, Love Never Dies is about lost opportunities and regretting chances not taken. Every character has screwed up and is facing the consequences. Kinda like Buffy's Season 6, but with less vampires and more singing.

Anyway, I just wanted to add to my former review that I really enjoy the music and there is a genuineness about it that is truly touching. But could someone please please rewrite some of the lyrics? Some rhymes sound a little silly and/or forced...


  1. Awesome, I found a sweet blog.

    I just bought Love Never Dies tickets, and can't wait to see the show.

    I just hope it can compare to the original Phantom Of The Opera.

  2. Hi! Thank you for clarifying all this. I was curious to know about the changes.

    First, I have been hearing the soundtrack over and over again. I prefer that the start began with Til I hear you sing but it was nice to know what had happened in the end. If I understand correctly, because of Madame Giry's greed, phantasm burns to the ground and the phantom disappears with Gustave, right?

    Second, for him, I liked how it was. Although, I was always curious to know if Meg loved the phantom?! I know she wanted his approval and be his tutoree like Christine but still. I wasn't clear about that.

    Third, I also liked the puffy shirt although the other outfit was really good too. I prefer how the staging was with those changes because the world of the phantom could be seen better.

    Fourth, I liked that the phantom threaten Christine with Gustave because we still see a bit of his old self still. Although, the first version of when the Phantom confronts Christine, i didn't agree in the old version because Christine recoils from him which makes no sense and she decides to go??? It contradicts that version of the song. I liked the new version of the song.

    Fifth, i liked the confrontation between the Phantom and Madame Giry but also liked te change to be between Meg and madame Giry.

    Sixth, I prefered that it was the phantom and Christine at the end together. I didn't like that Gustave went running off. I don't get Raoul coming back though

    Seventh, I agree with you about the flowers. I hated that! Tey should've kissed!

    Please email me at fairystar16@hotmail.com to clarify a few more things! Thank you!

  3. I cant wait to see it i am just looking at theatre tickets now!