Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love Never Dies press release

I've eagerly been waiting to watch the press launch and hear the first song from Love Never Dies, and - what can I say? It's exceeding even my wildest expectations! When I listened to it for the first time, I couldn't quite catch the tune (same as with original "Phantom" when I first saw it), but the second time, it really got me and since then, I have been singing or hearing it in my head almost non-stop! Andrew Lloyd Webber really seems to have poured a lot into the creation of this musical, and it's not just a cheap attempt at just cashing in on the Phantom success. He could have done that way earlier. Instead, I get the impression that Love Never Dies truly is his love-child and indeed something that has been fostering in his mind for a long time. And he's a fellow E/C shipper, yay :) I can't wait to see the show actually! Even if the plot sounds a little crazy, what really matters is that this new musical must create its very own magic around its characters, setting and music. After seeing the preview, I definitely have high hopes that LND will succeed in that department! The sound is different and fitting for the new setting in Coney Island, but retains the deep passion and emotionality that has been a trademark of "Phantom" since its creation. I am really excited to hear the rest of the soundtrack, going to order the CD now!

Favorite Line from "Till I hear you sing: I'll always feel no more than half way real/until I hear you sing once more....

PS. Ramin's facial expressions remind me some much of James Marsters (Spike) in this video!